Partner Spotlight – NOTIFY

2024-06-04T10:22:31-04:00June 4, 2024|Webinar|

Join Tazergy and new partner, Notify, to learn how this tech-agnostic app allows you to unify call systems and communications (even if you have multiple types of technology) without having to invest in all new equipment!

When – and When NOT – to Outsource

2024-03-13T10:37:58-04:00January 17, 2024|Webinar|

Outsourcing has become a popular topic in today’s business climate. Resources are available to help with any number of operational functions—from IT to HR, marketing, finance, and beyond. Join this free webinar to know when to outsource and when to stay in-house.

Designing for Future Technology Today

2024-01-31T15:06:09-04:00September 26, 2023|Webinar|

How can you be sure your senior living project will be relevant when it’s finished – and ready for the future? Chances are, some of the technology you will need doesn’t even exist yet! Join Tazergy and industry experts for our free one-hour webinar.

Better Sound = Better Living

2024-01-31T15:09:28-04:00September 6, 2023|Webinar|

Sound really, REALLY matters in senior living communities. Join Jeff Alexander and Matt Haywood with Tazergy for a free webinar on how to dramatically improve sound—and quality of life—in virtually every setting within a senior living community.

Bringing Smart Homes into Senior Care

2024-01-31T15:08:00-04:00August 3, 2023|Webinar|

During this webinar you will learn how to incorporate smart home technology into senior care communities. Presenters share how their experience can be used by others to inform their design of senior living communities at luxury and more modest price points.

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