Technology Support for Corporate Construction Professionals

Architect Brochure-Empowering architects with connected low-voltage design Developing, planning, communication – you need all the competitive advantages you can find with senior housing care projects. By bringing in a seasoned technology partner early who not only speaks your language but also understands the particular technology demands faced by senior living communities, you make sure your building has what residents need and want.

Work with us early as your IT and low-voltage systems expert. We help you anticipate the IT and technology demands–and potential differentiators– of your project up front. This means an early direction and edge that empowers your sales and marketing teams to better promote your project.

Download a brochure to see how Tazergy simplifies and streamlines construction projects by being a single-point of contact for technology strategy, implementation, and support.

With the right partner, you gain:

  • Someone who understands the language and priorities of corporate construction leaders AND other stakeholders — architects, developers, general contractors, IT departments, executive teams, and resident councils; a one-stop coordinator
  • Proven experience working with the trades and tech vendors; someone to negotiate contracts with phone and Internet providers
  • Early access to tech strategy and planning, empowering you to have more input and direction
  • A partner asking the right questions at the right time to build the foundation for effective planning, budgeting, and end result
We help you stay focused on the big picture by coordinating the technology for you.

Learn how we can help you develop and work a superior technology plan for your organization.