Empowering Architects with Connected Low Voltage Design

Creating progressive and engaging senior living communities is the driving passion of architecture. At the center of these innovative designs is a network of technology-driven systems that your clients expect to work seamlessly and without disruption, whether it’s retrofitting an existing building or new ground-up construction.

Tazergy has the expertise of designer and contractor all in one, bringing a universal approach to the entire building – network infrastructure, doors, internet access, sound systems, and more – to give the client the functionality they desire for overall operations.

Download a brochure to see how Tazergy provides a single source for strategy, design, project management, installation, and ongoing technology support.

With the right partner, you gain:

  • Complete low voltage plan sets

  • Full SD, DD, and CD coordination
  • Plan set and updates, including design coordination with the E and ID series teams at the direction of the architect

  • ASI sheets or plan sets as required or requested including full page-by-page change narratives

  • Complete Division 27 and 28 specification packages as it pertains to the project’s low voltage design

Building systems for senior living, particularly low voltage, is increasingly more complex and challenging. Technology must meet not only lifestyle expectations, but clinical and security demands as well. These advances require a deep understanding of the design and construction processes so that low-voltage needs are integrated into building plans and then implemented efficiently within both construction and operating budgets.

Learn how Tazergy empowers architects with low-voltage design.