Tazergy is built on a foundation of curiosity, passion to solve problems and desire to serve. Integrity and family are the core of who we are, and the trust built between Tazergy and our clients is one of our most valued assets.

Matt Haywood
Founder & CEO

The Tazergy Story

Founded in 2012, Tazergy is the brainchild of founder and CEO Matt Haywood, the culmination of his years of experience in the senior living, construction, and technology spaces. Bringing together a team of passionate experts, Tazergy offers a depth of understanding of senior living not generally found in the typical IT world.

By having this collective experiential knowledge, Tazergy approaches projects with a forward-thinking, anticipatory mindset to uncover gaps or oversights before they become issues. This approach is framed by an overall attitude of service. From the beginning, Tazergy set out to break the stereotype of the unresponsive IT team.

The Tazergy approach is to treat all clients with respect and patience and to approach their challenges with enthusiasm and creativity.

Values to the Core


We see what you don’t see.


We have the experience to accomplish your goals.

Creative Problem Solving

We go above and beyond.


We do what we say we will do.


We are in this together.

Keep your operation performing at optimal levels with the right technology partner. We’ve got this.