Virtualizing IT Environment, Enhances Productivity, Saves Time and Money

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An IT solution needs to be on point with customer service, reasonably priced, and clear and responsive in their communications. Tazergy checks all these boxes.

Paul O’Sullivan

Senior Vice President of Operations, RHP

Regional Health Properties (RHP) is a recognized innovator in developing and managing healthcare facilities for seniors. The company owns, leases, or manages 29 long-term care communities, with offerings ranging from social services and therapies to short-term rehab and long-term care.

RHP’s IT systems were antiquated, disjointed, and inadequate to accommodate the needs of increasingly sophisticated communications, information exchange, and virtual programming and interactions. Support from their IT partner was lacking when it came to timely follow-through and resolution. RHP leadership resorted to addressing IT problems themselves, despite their lack of expertise. Employees were often frustrated and unproductive as a result.

With ever-increasing demands on resources in senior living, management needed a solid foundation and trusted partners to turn to when issues arise. “A partner that delivers tech support and services without constant glitches, one that enables our customers to easily and quickly access our operations, is so important,” said India Chrisman-Williams, LNHA, Regional Vice President of Operations for RHP. “It makes employees’ lives easier.”

Pandemic exacerbated IT issues

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it multiplied IT challenges the organization was already facing. Chrisman-Williams was beyond frustrated, “When we onboarded new employees, they wouldn’t have the tools they needed to do their jobs for 2-3 weeks. How do we expect them to have a good impression of our company when its IT system is antiquated and slow?” At the most stressful and uncertain time in recent history, organizations like RHP were counting on a solid foundation. “Everyone in leadership was frustrated.”

Customers were also suffering. “With COVID, we had to quickly figure out how to connect residents with their families virtually. Our infrastructure didn’t fully support this. We were really scrambling,” recalls Chrisman-Williams. RHP wasn’t getting the support and service it needed from their IT provider. When RHP needed engaged staff, communication with families and others, and laser focus on patient care, Chrisman-Williams and her team were ill-equipped with inadequate infrastructure and sub-par support.

Customer-based, high-touch solutions make the difference

RHP found a trusted, capable, and reliable partner in Tazergy. The team at Tazergy started by listening to RHP’s needs and then designed systems and processes that aligned with how the organization functions. While it didn’t happen overnight, managers could very quickly access and share the information they needed in real time, new employees were onboarded seamlessly, and managers could focus on priorities that supported resident and family satisfaction. “New employees have the tools they need to do their jobs on day one,” says Chrisman-Williams. Equipping team members with what they need to perform their jobs well is a key factor in engagement and retention.

“Tazergy’s professionalism, accessibility, and true due diligence made a difference for leadership,” Chrisman-Williams said. RHP management is freed up to focus on ensuring excellent care for residents and focusing on other areas of operation.

When Chrisman-Williams or anyone on her team have questions, issues, or concerns, they get a fast response from Tazergy. She said, “Their support team checks in. They may not be able to resolve an issue immediately, but they’ll let you know and they’ll stay in touch with you. “ She added, “I frequently get texts from them to check in or provide updates—they go full circle and won’t stop until a problem gets fixed. Their professionalism is outstanding.”

Spreading systems that spell success

“Eventually, we want Tazergy to handle all our properties,” said Paul O’Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Operations for RHP. “I have the highest confidence in their team, and I know that they will do what they say they will.” He noted that when it comes to IT, some problems and glitches are inevitable. “It’s how quickly and completely you address and resolve these problems that counts, and that’s Tazergy’s MO.”

“Ultimately,” suggested O’Sullivan, “an IT solution needs to be on point with customer service, reasonably priced, and clear and responsive in their communications. Tazergy checks all these boxes.”

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