Top Ten Things to Know about Tazergy

1.7 min readPublished On: December 27, 2022Categories: Blog
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    In 2012, Matt launched Tazergy with two employees, Bill Burkhart and Heather Waring (Tansy), who remain integral members of the family from day one to today.

  • 2

    According to Heather, Matt’s job offer was like no other – “I don’t know what I can pay you, I don’t know exactly what we are going to do, but I can tell you that we will have a lot of fun!” The rest is history.

  • 3

    What in the world is a Tazergy? Matt knew he wanted to convey synergy, but in a separate conversation with family members, his wife Alysia learned that Matt was a bit of a Tasmanian Devil as a child. A creative spark put the two together and created Tazergy.

  • 4

    Did you know that ITaaZ is a play on words? It’s our variation of “TaZergy” and “IT as a Service.”

  • 5

    136! That’s how many years of technology and senior living expertise Tazergy employees have.

  • 6

    Known for his signature bow ties, Matt has 23 of these tie alternatives. In case you didn’t notice, Matt also wears a Hawaiian shirt every Friday, perhaps to commemorate Happy Half Hour which is a highlight of each week.

  • 7

    Yes, there are two Haywoods working at Tazergy. Matt and Alysia have been happily married for 16 years and are raising two budding entrepreneurs.

  • 8

    Three employees are reunited after working together at another firm. The leading ladies – Alysia Haywood, Heather Waring (Tansy), and Chelsea McKee – are known to run the show at Tazergy. Girl Power!

  • 9

    Tazergy’s first office space 10 years ago was actually two spots in a “cube farm” in another company’s building, way outside the metropolitan area of Atlanta. Today they call Woodstock, Georgia home but also have embraced a life/work balance with many hybrid and virtual options.

  • 10

    Two cherished clients are Formation Development Group and Winter Island Yacht Yard, both date back to 2012 and demonstrate Tazergy’s commitment to forming long-standing relationships.

Matt Haywood, Heather Waring (Tansy), and Bill Burkhart