Tap into the Power of Sound…and Set the Right Tone for Seniors with Your Next Project

1.3 min readPublished On: January 5, 2023Categories: Blog

It’s important to set the right tone with your senior living project by tapping into the life-enhancing power of sound in both interior and exterior spaces. There is power in music, sound, and vibration…and that power can often serve to relieve, soothe, and even heal.

Harnessing and expertly sculpting sound in every area of a facility can positively impact resident satisfaction—from the reception space to meeting rooms, shared dining areas, telemedicine spaces, and more.

Rather than an afterthought, sound should be carefully considered and planned, as it has the potential to enrich a community in all areas:

  • 1
    Reception area—enhancing the experience of entering with an underlying layer of welcoming music.
  • 2

    Rooms where residents connect online—carefully considering background noise and volume.

  • 3
    Gathering spaces—amplifying the feeling of being connected during activities, social club meetings, celebrations, and more.
  • 4
    Dining areas—providing the background ambiance that elevates the dining experience.
  • 5

    Fitness areas—ensuring the unique acoustic challenges are effectively addressed.

  • 6

    Outdoor activity spaces—adding a pleasant soundtrack to all who gather or pass through.

Sound has incredible capabilities. It can communicate and connect…elevate and inspire…relax and heal. Download this tip sheet to learn more about realizing the power of sound in your community through the development of a unified sound technology experience.

Tazergy offers inspired solutions for sound technology and essential low voltage design. Experienced in construction, technology, and senior living, the experts at Tazergy are adept at working with architects, designers, contractors, owners, operators, and residents to create a unified sound technology experience. Call 1-855-TAZERGY or email sales@tazergy.com.