Keep These 5 Tips in Mind When Designing for Future Technology Today

2.2 min readPublished On: January 5, 2023Categories: Blog

Knowing that technology is always going to play a tremendous role in any senior community project, you might wonder…how can you plan today for a project that is at least 2 years from breaking ground and probably about 5 years away from initial occupancy? First you need to consider three inherent challenges:

  • 1
    Technology is changing every day—as are the regulations for senior communities.
  • 2
    Technical capabilities and expectations of older generations are continually evolving.
  • 3

    You may find yourself planning for a technology or system that does not even exist yet.

The hard truth is that planning ahead for technology that is ever-evolving is no easy task—especially when it comes to senior living communities. Technology is changing rapidly, capabilities are evolving, and expectations are rising.

As you prepare to navigate the unknown, it’s imperative to choose a technology partner that can guide you to where you need to go today and help you plan for where you want to be tomorrow.

To avoid potential pitfalls, keep these 5 important tips in mind…

  • 1
    Enlist an Expert in Senior Living Technology. Your ideal partner will have expertise in senior living planning, design, and installation—and be willing to work with you on site, on budget, and on time.
  • 2

    Think Forward on Technology Infrastructure. All of your tech ecosystem considerations should be included in the planning and design from day one—incorporating communication across various components and allowing on-site staff to manage a unified system.

  • 3
    Start with Flexibility, Respond with Agility. Your design should be flexible enough to absorb technology as it evolves and nimble enough to respond to changing outside requirements and unforeseen challenges.
  • 4
    Master the Budget, Minimize Change Orders. Partner with experts who work to conserve resources as they aim for the most amenities and the highest quality tech systems.
  • 5
    Simplify the Complex. With the inherent complexities of senior living in regard to security, access management, medical safety, and more, look to a partner who can effectively incorporate all of these systems into the community.

As you plan your senior living project, you will invariably face unexpected challenges. But taking specific actions as early as possible will help you more successfully navigate through obstacles as they occur and help you identify and leverage opportunities as they arise.
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