Designing for Future Technology Today

January 5, 2023|

Knowing that technology is always going to play a tremendous role in any senior community project, you might wonder…how can you plan today for a ...

Designing with Sound

January 5, 2023|

It’s important to set the right tone with your senior living project by tapping into the life-enhancing power of sound in both interior and exterior ...

Choosing a Sensational IT Partner

December 27, 2022|

Outsourcing your senior living community’s tech support needs to a managed IT services provider can be worrisome. There’s an awful lot riding on that one ...

Top Ten Things to Know about Tazergy

December 27, 2022|

In 2012, Matt launched Tazergy with two employees, Bill Burkhart and Heather Waring (Tansy), who remain integral members of the family from day one ...

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