For most people, the first day of a new job is something to get excited about. Get in there, greet new co-workers, log into the system and get going. Except when the system won’t let you log in, or the security protocols are so bloated and time-consuming, it’s more efficient to put everything on your personal desktop. And help is nowhere to be found – the customer support meter is at zero and holding steady. It’s a terrible IT experience – terrible with a capital T.

That’s a true story, one experienced by a senior VP of Operations at a mid-market senior living community. Touching base with staff, it was clear that the number one frustration was IT. Leadership was hindered by aging infrastructure and disjointed equipment. There was no plan for maintenance or upgrades, and managers were frustrated by subpar, expensive support from their IT vendor.

The standard answer to the question “Did you call IT?” was “No – I don’t have two hours to spend on the phone with them.” The provider switched to Tazergy, and much-needed and welcomed changes were made, resulting in a boost for the staff, upgraded, innovative systems, and increased efficiency, as well as benefits to the bottom line. Take a look at the whole story and see how the IT experience went from terrible to terrific by making smart choices and working with a reliable, knowledgeable tech partner.

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