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Tazergy’s Advice to MSPs Transitioning to the Cloud: Pick Up Your Feet and Get a Move On!

Published Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The following article was originally posted February 19, 2014 by Dan Sterling on the blog of Tazergy’s Cloud Partner, Green Cloud Technologies.

Tazergy is a technology and IT managed services company that focuses on solutions for the senior living industry. Tazergy’s clients rely on them for troubleshooting, remote support, and maintenance and service agreements, as well as other vital services. So Tazergy needed a partner they could rely on to to provide those services without fail.

Matt Haywood, CEO and one of Tazergy’s co-founders, says, “We’d been searching for a cloud partner for quite some time. [Green Cloud] allows us to focus on our customers and provide server solutions that MEET and exceed their expectations.”

Exceeding expectations is part of Tazergy’s company culture, and being able to that more effectively is why they see value in Green Cloud’s services. When asked his advice to other MSPs who are thinking about transitioning from hardware to the Cloud, Matt says, “What are you waiting for? Pick up your feet get a move on.”

Tazergy is fun to work with because they take their business seriously, but they don’t take life too seriously. They’re fun to be around, and we enjoy having them on board.