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Tazergy Managed Services

You can’t afford technology and systems downtime and failures.

Not just from an organizational and financial perspective, but especially when public safety and the well-being of residents are at stake. Security and confidentiality are paramount.

At Tazergy, we understand the types of demands and challenges you face. Our Managed Services program, therefore, proactively ensures productivity, ROI on technology investment and a sincere concern for people. We’ve developed a unique history of best practices for Tazergy over years of collective experience that address areas, such as:

  • Spyware protection and removal
  • Virus protection
  • Disk drive analysis
  • Security patch management
  • Application usage
  • System auditing
  • Cloud based backups
  • User policy enforcement

As your consultative technology partner, Tazergy evaluates your needs in order to advise the optimal solutions. We’ve designed an integrated, automated framework to maximize the benefits of technology and IT tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to ensure all are completed and reported consistently.

We also provide regular communication and executive reports that cover the overall health of your computer network and the results of our services.

Consistency, the cornerstone of Tazergy’s Managed Services, then creates reliability, which can result in several benefits:

  • Predictable costs
  • Security
  • Consistency
  • Productivity gains
  • Cost Management and control
  • Performance
  • Managed expansion and growth

Our clients can select from a variety of service plans that range from routine system maintenance and management to complete IT outsourcing. Let Tazergy help you turn your data networks into an effective, efficient component of your growing business.

  • Security Patch Management
  • System Log Monitoring
  • Virus Protection Management
  • Daily System Audits
  • End User Support Portal
  • Monthly Management Reports
  • Application Deployment
  • Application Addition and Change Notification
  • Hardware Change Notification
  • Security Log Monitoring
  • Application Log Monitoring
  • Spyware Removal and Management
  • Bandwidth Usage Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Report Generation
  • Remote Management
  • End User Remote Control
  • Desktop Policy Enforcement
  • Cloud-based Backup and Restore