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Tazergy, Inc. Bundles Internet Telephony Solution for Thrive Senior Living Communities; Saves Bundle as Well

Published Friday, January 31, 2014

Tazergy, Inc., a diverse, low-voltage technology and IT managed services firm, concentrating on senior living markets in North America, recently configured a customized, $100,000 cost-saving, telephony solution for Thrive Senior Living, a leading operator of 11 communities in Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Prior to the installation of hosted VoIP and Unified Communications services marketed by 8×8 Inc., Thrive utilized a competing provider. However, that cumbersome system lacked the functionality needed to connect the ever-expanding company’s multi-state offices and proved to be costly to deploy and maintain.

Tazergy’s answer rested in the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of 8×8’s Virtual Office Pro and Virtual Office products for Thrive’s corporate and multi-community locations, respectively.

“Thrive came to realize, as many companies do, that all VoIP services are not alike,” said Tazergy President and CEO Matt Haywood. “When making the transition to VoIP, it’s important to conduct a thorough assessment of your business needs along with a careful review of the providers you are considering before making a decision. Even though Thrive still had a one-year contract in place with its previous provider, it was our recommendation that they implement the 8×8 service immediately to secure the features and functionality they needed now.”

Haywood estimates that 8×8 phone services save Thrive $10,000 to $15,000 in reduced telephony expenses per each of Thrive’s 11 communities.

“We used to spend about $5-7K just for the phone system for each temporary sales trailer, and then much more to get the community’s phone system up and running,” Haywood says. “With 8×8 hosted VoIP, there is no complex on-site PBX equipment, or the extensive labor, installation and ongoing support fees that comes with it. We can even move the phones from the temporary trailer to the new community once it’s ready. It’s been a huge savings.”

“8×8 is a great example of leading-edge business VoIP technology,” says Thrive President Tod Petty. “With 8×8’s services, staff at corporate headquarters, building sites and community offices can benefit from state of the art communications technologies using both wired and mobile devices. And, because the services are cloud-based rather than premises-based, users can access the full array of capabilities wherever they have an Internet connection.”

Petty and his team noticed improved functionality almost immediately, and the technology has even helped with team building: for example, easier four-digit extension dialing, use of corporate directories for each community and the ease of web conferencing. The system displays all incoming calls, eliminating missed calls, plus, it’s easy to return a call without having to look up a person’s number. Email notification of voicemail messages ensures that users never miss a message.