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Matt Haywood



Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, son of entrepreneurial parents: owners and operators of a boat yard (Winter Island Yacht Yard), where he grew up playing and, eventually, working at a young age. Matt’s father also owned a computer business that he ran on the side, which is where his interest in computers and technology was born. Graduated from Duke University with a BA in Environmental Science and Policy, and a minor in Business. While at Duke he volunteered, rather naively, to work on anyone’s computer at no charge where he logged many hours of troubleshooting failures and successes.

After Duke he moved to Atlanta June 1997 to begin his professional career in the IT field with Vanstar. Following Vanstar he worked for a local IT shop, NetCom Systems. April 1999 marked his entrance into the Senior Living Industry as a Network Administrator for EdenCare Senior Living, a regional development/owner/operator of over 40 senior living communities throughout the southeast, including Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, North and South Carolina.

As he entered into the Senior Living Industry,
Matt found himself pondering the question: “What could elderly people possibly be doing with technology?”

He quickly got his question answered with his exposure to the business and operating world of senior living. Technology had barely begun to infiltrate the industry; most communities had no local network; and each computer connected to the internet via dial-up modem. EdenCare, however, had aggressive IT initiatives to migrate from modem sharing devices to a corporate network running over 56k Frame Relay, utilizing Exchange Server and Citrix services. Matt was instrumental in the planning, migration and implementation of these and many other initiatives over his five years there.

In December 2003 Matt was responsible for orchestrating the migration of all EdenCare communities to a new ownership group, CNL. Approximately 30 of the communities were migrated to the Sunrise Senior Living network and the remaining five to Harbor Retirement. Following the successful completion of the migration, during winter 2004, he transitioned from IT Director at EdenCare to IT Field Services Manager for Sunrise Senior Living.

As Field Services Manager Matt had the responsibility of turn-key coordination of all IT aspects for the marketing offices and new community openings. He gained important experience in the following areas:

  • Temporary Marketing Trailers/Offices
  • New Community Opening
  • Acquisition/Divestitures

During the two years he served as Field Services Manager he worked closely with many of the Sunrise Development and Construction Teams. As a result of those working relationships, he was offered a position as a Construction Manager by the SVP of Construction for North America, which he accepted and stepped into this new challenge in May 2006. As a Construction Manager, Matt was responsible for finding, qualifying and selecting General Contractors for the new community construction projects within the Southeast region. The new role afforded him a significantly expanded and intimate interaction/view of the entire operation of a senior living community. To see a community go from a wooded, undeveloped lot to a Sunrise community, thriving and filled with residents, was an extremely valuable, fulfilling and humbling opportunity for him.

In June 2009 his tenure at Sunrise came to an end, along with many other Development and Construction Team members, due to the lending crisis. Matt saw this as an opportunity to venture out to unearth his entrepreneurial roots. He formed a partnership and started an IT company, NEO Solutions, which focused on the Senior Living Industry.

The partnership dissolved early 2012 and Matt formed Tazergy Inc. in April of the same year. Matt has poured his heart and soul into everything he has done throughout his life; this new company is no different. He is passionate about his family, the Tazergy team (which he considers an extension of his family), their customers and the company’s business network of vendors and subcontractors.

Honesty and integrity are often misplaced in many organizations; not at Tazergy, according to Matt. The team is full of heart and full of energy. Matt likewise is full of energy and he looks forward to bringing that same passion and energy for life and business to each one of Tazergy’s customers.